here is the incredible description of the performance



October 13, 2007

“Siren” interactive media performance Role: Choreographer and performer Collaborator: Nina Kua, Sound Installation by Samson Young, Interactive Video Installation by Chris Lau October Contemporary, Osage Gallery, 13-20th October, 2007. Video...


March 15, 2007

Media poetry (75 mins) with video art, dance and music Role: choreographer, performer Collaborator: Makin Fung (Video Art) A remembrance of artists’ emotional landscape throughout the ten years’ time after...


“The Big Move”

November 1, 1997

(48:00), digital media dance collage, Role: choreographer, video design, costume design A dance collage applying poetic video visuals and choreography into a monotone time-based experience. An artistic exploration of integrating...


“Private Channel”

February 1, 1996

“Private Channel” (11:00), multi-media solo performance Role: concept, choreographer, performer. Traditional Chinese calligraphy mapped on performer’s body, as visual illustration of self’s cultural identity. Live video signal played a role...