Koala Yip

I work across different media – performance, installation and moving image that reflect the ongoing exploration of my own artistic voice ranging from contemporary body identity to multiculturalism. My works address issues grounded in the complexity of my upbringing from a metropolitan city physically located in Asia but historically and culturally weaved with western consumer capitalism.

Contemplation of bodily motion is a prime cultural reference of all my works that echoes in the duality of human perception between the real and surreal, analog and digital, abstract and realism. Often charged with visual symbolism, the notion of the corporeal is expressed with graphic imageries and text as essential elements to formulate poetics and clarity in my artistic expression.

Koala Yip 葉彩鳳以多媒體的概念為創作基礎,追求藝術新形式的整合,堅持創作者勇於嘗試的純正本質。是首位被中國國家電視台邀約創作全國現場直播的互動媒體舞蹈之多媒體創作人。葉氏於香港演藝學院和美國加州藝術學院獲得學士及碩士學位,並遊走各地創作和表演。其作品在各國劇場、美術館及學術會議中發表,包括美國、英國、法國、愛沙尼亞及亞洲各地。


Immerse me into the world of pure art inspired eaching, dancing, creation, colors, people, and real life.

Koala Yip works across different media – installation, performance, and moving image - that reflect the ongoing exploration of my own artistic voice, ranging from contemporary body identity to multiculturalism. Contemplation on body imaging is a primary subject matter of all her works that echoes the duality between transparency and visibility, conceptual and narrative, real and surreal. She often view medical images like MRIs, PET scans and microscopic prints through her artist lens to address the notion of contemporary corporeality.

Koala is the first HK artist to present interactive performance broadcasted live in China’s national television channel during the 4th China International New Media Short Film Festival “KingBonn Award” Ceremony.

Koala曾獲各地獎學金和獎項,包括尤德爵士紀念基金海外硏究生獎學金、加州洛杉磯巿文化嘉許狀、藝發局海外藝術行政獎學金、威斯康辛大學新進介面創作獎、威斯康辛大學年度女藝術家獎、成龍慈善基金獎學金、亞洲文化協會ADF 獎學金、演藝學院校長榮譽奬、及紫荊盃舞蹈大賽最佳表現獎。Koala在香港城市大學從事媒體藝術教學工作,兼授行政工商管理碩士EMBA表演工作坊,並曾在北京舞蹈學院、加州藝術學院、巴爾的摩藝術學院和香港演藝學院作客席講師。 自2014年起擔任香港「多空間」和尤德學者協會董事會成員,並擔任 ISEA(Dance)會議主席, 和SIGGRAPH Asia 2016美術館委員,2017年被邀在TED Talk (CityUxHK) 創作多媒體“聲視動舞”裝置演出。

Her art pieces were also presented in KUMA Art Museum Estonia, Macao Science Center, Performance Studies International (PSI), Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition, Digital Cultural Lab (England), Subtle Technologies Conference (Toronto), Interactive Laboratory at Göttelborn in Germany, International Dance and Technology Conference, Los Angeles Woman’s Theatre Festival, Philadelphia Fringe Festival and MIT/CalArts Collaboration of Wearable Technology. She is a former member of Trip Dance Theatre and Bridge Dance Company in California which she performed in conventional theatres, site-specific venues, museums and art galleries.

Koala Yip以多媒體的概念為創作基礎,追求藝術新形式的整合。除了編舞之外,她也從事舞台錄像設計和裝置藝術。 是首位被中國國家電視台邀約之香港多媒體舞台創作人,為中國國際新媒體“金鵬獎”頒獎晚會創作互動媒體舞蹈。Koala於香港演藝學院和美國加州藝術學院獲得學士及碩士學位 。 Koala曾任美國Trip Dance Theatre和Bridge Dance Company核心成員, 她的作品在各地展示,包括英國數字文化實驗室,多倫多微妙技術會議,德國Göttelborn互動實驗室,國際舞蹈和技術會議(IDAT),麻省理工/ CalArts Wearable技術合作組織,國際表演研究組織(PSI) , 愛沙尼亞KUMA美術館,威斯康星大學麥迪遜分校,洛杉磯LACE,洛杉磯女子戲劇節,費城藝穗節,澳門科學中心,香港K11,北京國際新媒體藝術展等。

Koala was the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Fellowship, Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, Emerging Interface Award, David and Edith Sinaiko Frank Graduate Fellowships for Woman in the Arts, Jacky Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship, American Dance Festival Video Documentation, California Arts Council, APA Director’s Prize, and had won the Best Performance Award from the Bauhinia Cup Hong Kong Dance Championship. She also received Certificate of Commendation from Mayor of City of Los Angeles.

Koala received her BFA from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, MFA from California Institute for the Arts, USA, and recently in graduate program at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She taught media arts at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. She also guest lectured at Beijing Dance Academy, Hong Kong University, “Jumping Frame” Lecture Series, CalArts, Baltimore School of the Arts and HKAPA.