Koala Yip


I work across different media – performance, installation and moving image that reflect the ongoing exploration of my own artistic voice ranging from contemporary body identity to multiculturalism. My works address issues grounded in the complexity of my upbringing from a metropolitan city physically located in Asia but historically and culturally weaved with western consumer capitalism.

Contemplation of bodily motion is a prime cultural reference of all my works that echoes in the duality of human perception between the real and surreal, analog and digital, abstract and realism. Often charged with visual symbolism, the notion of the corporeal is expressed with graphic imageries and text as essential elements to formulate poetics and clarity in my artistic expression.

Koala Yip 葉彩鳳以多媒體的概念為創作基礎,追求藝術新形式的整合,堅持創作者勇於嘗試的純正本質。是首位被中國國家電視台邀約創作全國現場直播的互動媒體舞蹈之多媒體創作人。葉氏於香港演藝學院和美國加州藝術學院獲得學士及碩士學位,並遊走各地創作和表演。其作品在各國劇場、美術館及學術會議中發表,包括美國、英國、法國、愛沙尼亞及亞洲各地。