Current of Air 氣。象


Current of Air 氣。象

Concept / Artist Director - Koala Yip

Project Coordinator - Vanessa Cheung

Lighting / Set Designer - PC Sei

Media Design / Software Engineer - James Kong, Morgan Aasdam

Video Designer- Dale Kaminski

Music & Sound Designer - Samuel Lo

Performers - Yuh Egami, Christine He, Mo Hui

Stage Manager - Samuel Chan

Concept of Title:
Air (invisible property of space) - Air flow can indicate a deeper layer of movement, spatial orientation, as well as motion of time. Current (process of imaging) – Audience perceive digital images and live performance through their own sensory systems, as to visualize the true meaning of “air”.

氣象: 情景。形容景象或事物壯麗而多變化。 【出處】 宋·范仲淹《岳陽樓記》:“朝暉夕陰, 氣象萬千…” 象: 意象 - 劇場參予者從感觀上接收數位化影象和現場演出,領悟出氣之意義和真象.

This project anticipates a new dimension of artform, “Performative Installation” (states as “performance”). The performance integrates live performance and interactive media installation intends to bring the audience an innovative way of theatre experience. This form of art merges boundaries of contemporary media arts and conventional stage performance. The long-term goal of such anticipation is to develop a new artform in Hong Kong, to prepare Hong Kong as a hub of foremost creative art to nurture local artists as well as inspire international art scene.

This specific project intends to investigate a more philosophical issue of “sense of Air” but use an artistic way of expression - performance. On the other hand, the project has a strong intention to illustrate the extremity of natural terrain and urban terrain on earth environment. Human bodies in such terrains initiate and react in different ways.

The performance comprise a dual-layer design in space:
1). A large scale installation created in various materials. The installation is transformable through different stages during performance.
Realistic and animated video images will be projected on the installation as performance content using “projection mapping technique” via computer systems. Images are not only statically looped but will be dynamically morphed and intertwined according to performer’s movement.
2). A mechanical system comprise of various electric fan controlled, wall-like and cube-like inflatable objects will be installed. Intensity and direction of wind and airflow can be controlled according to different scene.
Artistic Implementation: Mainly digital imaging, dance performance with media installation / set. Installation can be part of the performance while it can be viewed as independent media installation without performer.