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來自日本的Sal Vanilla從劇名《增幅》(amplified)的構思便直接向觀眾提出擴大、澎漲的概念,而在藝術表現手法上選用了多媒體劇場形式,使表演藝術的領域向媒體科技方向延展。他們運用的已不單是純粹傳統舞台表演的技巧,也不止是數碼科技的賣弄,我們看見新的藝術語言,講述我們正處於的數碼年代。 導演Gige Hizume利用五個肢體(包括自己),作整體演出的脈絡,有效地與多種科技媒體契合。以成立了十年的一個多媒體表演團,Sal Vanilla已走上成熟階段,並不流於形式的試驗,反而在表演中誠實又尖銳地解構現代生活,在劇場中重新呈現。

The Liquidized Human Body

Watching Il n’y a plus de firmament at Kwai Tsing Theatre was a weird thing: the red velvet chair had grown some arms and legs, warped around you and slowly rotated in 3-dimensional manner. The 1 ½ hour long performance was definitely not an ordinary experience of traditional dance or drama. It’s more like riding with a wicked walking chair into a surrealistic gallery – a visual journey in theatrical form.


《舞出新天地》以融合芭蕾與南美熱舞為焦點,起初令筆者持觀望態度,因為除了少數例子,許多所謂融合風格的舞目,像fusion菜一般跟潮流走著,往往把民族文化之神韻僵化,硬套入古典芭蕾舞的規範中,而今次可喜的是,Tocororo 卻是個「情深」的例外。

Tangling Tango Tale

The legend slips in sweat and scent, Leave the tango alone – for itself is a legend of its own Tango Por Dos of Argentina performed Tango Una Leyenda ( Tango: The Legend ) at Kwai Tsing Theatre at November 19th & 20 th . A closing event of all dance performance form this year’s Latin Passion Festival, it’s no doubt a lustrous treat for Tango lovers. In the performance, passionate response from audience was mainly rooted from exquisite technique and artistic virtuosity of dancers and musicians.

Multimedia Performance – Art or not?

The emergence of New Media Theatre is a process of mutual absorption between the art of theatre and digital technology. In the theatre performance field, it is a new brand that almost everyone what to share a taste. Indeed, certain misconceptions fabricate a misty phenomenon to barricade the innermost subject. One would complain digital media generates too much problems to in theatre: it’s unstable, unpredictable and hard to trust; it’s either too captivating or ineffective in performance. The fact is, more and more artist involve in multimedia performance proved that there is a need to treat digital media as an artistic expression.


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新視野藝術節2006 導賞文章

演出單位:艾華.洛圖 + 坂本龍一

Practicing creativity in university education

Article Published in City U Magazine
CityU Today #29
Everyone has the chance to create their own masterpiece – to choreograph their life into a beautiful work of art. University education is a catalyst for this creative process.