Curricula Vitae 03

Creative Works & Artistic Performances

Solo works

Nov. 25th 2018
“Interactive Mandala with Singing Bowl” (9:00)

Director and Performer, TEDxCityuHK, Joseph Lee Hall, CityuHK, Theme: Pushing The Envelope, Hong Kong
Nov. 11th – 13th, 2015
“Faith In Medical Body”
Solo media installation exhibition and performance, Seventh Floor Gallery, UW-Madison, USA
May 16th, 2013
“Current” (4:50)

First of its kind interactive performance broadcasted live on national television channels nationwide and livestream on Internet, the 4th China International New Media Short Film Festival “KingBonn Award” Ceremony, Shenzhen TV, China
1st November 2018
by Premier Stratagème (France).
Moderator, Meet-the-artist Session (Barbara Matijevic). New Vision Art Festival, collaboration with LCSD and Consulate of France in HK & Macau. Venue: Salla Sègalen, Consulate of France in HK and Macau.
Jan 11th -14th, 2013
“Current of Air” (50:00)
Multimedia performance, Multimedia Theatre, HKSC, Funded by Hong Kong Art Development Council, Hong Kong
June 15th – June 30th, 2012
“Doppelgänger and Translucence”
from “Mother’s First Daughter” series, digital photo still, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Arts, LA, USA
April 15th – 20th, 2012
“Mother’s First Daughter” (0:38)
single channel video installation, Digital Salon, Collage Library, UW-Madison
Feb 21st – March 1st, 2012
“Mother’s First Daughter” (0:38)
photographic video installation, 7/F Gallery, UW-Madison
November 11th – 17th, 2011
“Simple Gift” (7:50)
Performance, 11.11.11 Show, Art Loft Gallery, USA
September 4th, LA, USA. 1999
March 25th, USA. 2000
“Luna Lunacy” (5:02)

Solo performance with wearable installation & digital sound

Premiere: Ford Amphitheatre

Re-run: Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival

Sept. 20th,1998
March 1999
March 1999
June 1999
October 1999
“Resonate Respire” (5:38)
Solo dance performance

Premiere: Philadelphia Fringe Festival, USA

Re-runs: LA Women’s Theatre Festival, USA

Burial Clay Memorial Theatre San Francisco, USA

UCLA Hammer Museum, USA

Conjunctive Dance Studio LA Arts Open House, USA

September 4th, LA, 1999
“Deepland” (15:00)
Summer in the Ford, part of “Exquisite Corpse” by Trip Dance Theatre, Ford Amphitheatre, USA
January 1999
“Eyecon” (5:00)
from Soulstasis, Side Street Project, LA, USA
Jan 1998
“The Medicine of Spiral” (45:00)
an interdisciplinary performance, Walt Disney Modular Theatre, composer: Ann McMilliken, USA
Jan. 1998
“Fox In Socks” (1:20:00)
full length modern opera, original text by Dr. Suzy, composer: Josh Yang, Walt Disney Modular Theatre, USA
May 1998
“Passing Zone” (35:00)
digital media Dance Poem and installation, Theater II, sponsored by Universal Studio Hollywood and CalArts, USA
July 1997
“Untitled II” (7:10)
American Dance Festival Concert, USA
March 1997
“Stone Poem” (3:38)
Solo performance with paper installation, Highways Performance Space, USA
Feb 1996
“Private Channel” (11:00)
performance with remote controlled robotic device and live video projections, Twisted Fall Dance Series, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition (LACE), USA
“Absolute Chinese” (1:30:00)
multimedia performance, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China
“Multiple Access” (12:00)
performance with computer generated music and interactive lights, composer: Poly Ng, commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild, Musicarama, Studio Theatre, HKAPA
Jan 1994
“LSD” (7:00)
site-specific performance, Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary, commissioned by Commercial Radio Hong Kong, original score by the Beatles
Sept 1992
“The Red Soil” (1:30:00)
full-length Multimedia dance drama with video installation, Choi Hung Drama Theatre Company, Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Center