Curricula Vitae 04

Creative Works & Artistic Performances

Collaborative / group shows

30th Nov -1st Dec 2019
“Identity” (45:00)

Video Artist, Tainan Municipal Tainan Cultural Center (臺南市立臺南文化中心), Taiwan
18-19st Dec 2018
“New Wave” (37:00)
Media Designer, site-specific dance performance, Artist Gath, Tainan, Taiwan
2nd-3rd June 2018
6th -17th June 2018
“Wordlessness of a Poet” (10:00)

Media Installation Artist & Co-choreographer, Dream Catcher Series, Taipei, Taiwan

Re-run (Kaohsiung)

13th -14th January 2018
“Scene” (55:00)
Video Designer, Choreography by Christine He, Black Box Theatre, JCCAC, Hong Kong
16th Feb -19 March, 2016
2 digital prints in invited group show, Art Media Centre Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA
15th -16 August, 2015
“Children of War” (35:00)
Video Designer with Choreography of Nina Hayuma Habulan, Hong Kong Art Center
7th – 8th July, 2014
“Extraordinary State of Dance” 《非凡舞意》 (2:05)
Multimedia Designer, Multimedia Theatre, HKSC
8th March, 2014
“Open Dance #14” (1:15)
Co-choreographer & Media Designer, McAulay Theatre, organized by Hong Kong Art Centre
22nd Jan. – 22nd March, 2014
computer-aided glass sculpture, juried selection, “ Chinese Contemporary Art Series and Academic Symposium – Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition” 《中國當代工藝美術系列大展暨學術論壇——中國當代玻璃藝術展》, organized by Tsinghua University 清華大學美術學院 , China
Feb 5th –14th, 2013

video triptych in “Leftover & Appetizer”, 7/F Gallery, UW-Madison, USA

October 21st, 2012
“Simple Gift” (7:50)
Performance, with Dale Kaminski, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
October 19th, 2012
“Simple Gift” (7:50)
Performance, with Dale Kaminski, Dimanche Rouge #20, Cultural Factory Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia
May 15th 2012
“Cosmology” (50:10)
Performance with movement, soundscape and interactive videographics, EIA Presentation Series, Role: Choreographer & performer, with Chris Bocast (Composer), Dale Kaminski (Videographer), Wisconsin Institute of Discovery, WI, USA
Feb 28th 2012
“Semiotics of Grace’s Artist Space” (4:07)
Video performance, A Tuber-Cloud-Shaped Evening of Poetry and Performance, curated by Lewis Freedom, Katrina Schaag and Andrew Sayler, Video Research Lab, UW-Madison, USA
3th Jan – 30th May, 2012
nteractive installation, The Burning Edge: Making Space, Activating Form”, curated by Robin Peckham, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre , Hong Kong
media installation, permanent exhibit, Macau Science Museum acquisitions, Macau
Nov 15th – 4th Dec, 2011
“Bang Bang”(5:04)
single-channel video, International President Network of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Architecture – Student Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Art Museum, Beijing, China
November 11th – 17th, 2011
“ICHFY” (2:02)
video, Collaboration with Mark Switzer and Dominique Haller, 11.11.11 Show, Art Loft Gallery, USA
November 17th – 20th, 2011
Video designer, choreography by Ivanhoe Chan, Kwai Ching Theatre, Hong Kong
November 4th – 10th, 2011
“Bang Bang”(5:04)
ingle-channel video installation on old-TV set, 4D-Show, Art Loft Gallery, USA
November 4th – 10th, 2011
“Amid” (3:22)
Video installation, 4D-Show, Art Loft Gallery, USA
15th – 26th September 2009
Interactive Media Artist, “Blue Croft” from “DanceXmen”
commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Development, Hong Kong Sheung Wan Civil Centre
September 2009
Media Advisor, Multimedia performance “Inferno et Paradiso”
Director: Shu Ning, Hong Kong Arts Centre
18th April 2009
Guest Artist (multimedia), “This Side That Side”
by HK Leisure and Cultural Service Department and E-Side Modern Dance Company, Ngau Chi Wan Civil Centre
13-20th October, 2007
interactive media performance, collaborator: Nina Hayuma Habulan, October Contemporary, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong
15th March, 2007
Media poetry, “Decade”
collaborator: Makin Fung (Video Art), Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards, Hong Kong Art Center
digital still, Hong Kong Artist’s Biennale, Exhibited in Club 64 Central, Hong Kong
July 6th, LA, 2001
May 22-25th, 2003
“Deep Winter” (12:00)

media performance, part of “Inanna” by Trip Dance Theatre, collaborator: Monica Favand, USA

Premiere: Ford Amphitheatre

Re-run: Highways, LA, USA

Jan. 11th -13th, 2002
“Vein”, (3:50)
performance with digital voice, collaborator: Elaine Wang, Festival of Solos and Duets, Fountain Theatre, LA, USA
March 3rd, 2001
“Serenade in D minor, OP. 44” (17:20)
by Antonin Dvorak, collaborators: Jill Jacobson-Bennett, Monica Favand and Elaine Wang, performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Music Center, USA
Nov. 8th, 2000
“Skin Would Shed” (11:00)
collaborators: Monica Favand & Kara Masters, SOLA Festival, James Armstrong Theatre, Torrance, CA, USA
December 24th, 2000
“Slither” (3:35)
collaborators: Monica Favand & Elaine Wang, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, LA Music Center, live broadcast by KCET, USA
March 14th, 2000
“Memory of Forest” (3:14)
collaborator: Monica Favand, Gascon Art Gallery, Culver City, USA
October 7th, 1999
“Together” (3:30)
collaborator: Deborah Rosen, Laguna Beach Artwalk, USA
“Wild Garden” (1:05:00)
Improvisational performance, LA Arts Open House, the Highways, LA, USA

“Between Them” (Independent film), role: Art Director, Director: Lisa Wong, screening:

The 21st Turin International Festival in Italy

International Film Festival in San Francisco

September 2009
“What a Good Smell” (1:08:0)
Multimedia performance, collaborator: Marie Hung, Hong Kong Independent Dance Series, Hong Kong Arts Center, HK
Jan 1997
Media Advisor, Multimedia performance “Inferno et Paradiso”
Director: Shu Ning, Hong Kong Arts Centre
4-channel video installation, director: Carlos Gil-Roig, Spain
May 1995
“L’incoronazione Di Popea” (4:10:00)
full length opera, role: Choreographer. Music by Clavdio Monteverdi, Theatre II CalArts, USA